Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ovation Cell Therapy: Prep and First Use Review

Hello reader!

While trying to decide if the Ovation Cell Therapy system was the right choice for me, I did a lot of looking at reviews online. It seemed a lot of people had different options and responses to the system, some liked it, others didn't, and I ultimately decided to try it for myself and see. I figured there were probably others out there like myself that were looking for a good, honest and thorough review of the system and a lot of other reviews seem to die out after a month of reviewing or so. I hope to provide you with a good review of this product for at least 2 cycles (3 months is about what is considered a normal cycle) of the product. 

To get started, let me first tell you a little about my hair and how I "prepped" my hair for this product. I have what would be considered "long" hair, about to my mid to lower back, medium to low thickness and I foil bleach it blonde about once every 4-5 months. I'm not a HUGE girly girly and so I'm not the best at keeping up with "regular" hair routines and only really color it when my roots start to bother me or I'm looking for a change.  My hair started falling out pretty regularly about 5 years ago, about two years before I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Things seemed to get better for about a year or so and then it started falling out again. Over the last year its been falling out so badly I'm afraid I'll be bald soon and have to cut my hair super short (and with my face structure I would pretty much look awful!) or wear a wig. I cut side swept bangs because I feel like I have a huge forehead (another story haha), but my bangs are getting so thin, they barely do anything for me anymore. Also, my hair is VERY dry, VERY frizzy and just a HUGE pain to comb out after showering. It takes me like 15 minutes to comb it out because of the amount of tangles I get around the base of my neck. I think this is contributing greatly to my hair loss problems. This problem started for me about a year ago as well. Before that my hair was usually relatively easy to comb out and I never had to really think about it.

Now, I don't expect the Ovation Cell Therapy system to do all it promises, as things rarely do, and I don't expect it to make my hair longer or thicker, but I'm hoping that it will help to slow my hair loss so I don't have to do something drastic like cut my hair super short. 

Ok, enough about me! On to prep! As per many reviews I read, I washed my hair yesterday with a cleansing shampoo:

I selected Ion purifying solutions cleansing shampoo, basically because I walked into Sally Beauty Supply and asked the sales lady what she would recommend and she picked this one off the shelf. As I said, not a huge girly girl and I didn't want to spend an extreme amount of time in a beauty supply store. Ion is a big brand right now with MANY different options and a lot of people seem to really like it. I bought a shampoo and conditioner in this brand (not sure the exact type) and I didn't really like it. But I figured a cleansing shampoo I'm going to use once in a while, it wouldn't really matter. 

Next, also based on many reviews I read online, I went ahead and purchased a deep moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Many reviewers suggested this as they said the Cell Therapy part of the system can make your hair feel very dry and coarse after several uses and to alternate a deep conditioning system in your routine to eliminate this. 
I chose Biotera ultra moisturizing. I have used the Biotera brand for many years and I really love it. Its the only thing that can make my hair feel SEMI soft and SEMI manageable. It takes me about 8 minutes to comb out the tangles in my hair with the Biotera line than any other product. I haven't used the ultra moisturizing line before, but I hold it in high hopes.

I also purchased a leave in conditioner:
I picked up Biotera Long and Healthy. Again I picked this product because of the Biotera name that I trust and because it promises the same results as the Ovation system "Longer, Stronger, Thicker". 

Ok so that was yesterday. Today I received my Ovation System in the mail via UPS. I must say I was very happy with the shipping time. I ordered it on Friday morning and it was at my house by Tuesday at 5:45. That was great for me! If I hadn't ordered it right before the weekend I'm sure I would have had it much sooner. Heres what it looked like when I took it out of the UPS box: 

Seems nice! And heres what the bottles inside look like:

Well there you have it! I was super excited to try this system out today and see if it made any immediate difference, though I am committed to giving it at least 3 months. 

The instructions are pretty simple, Shampoo Cell Therapy, Condition. I used about a rounded quarter size amount for the shampoo and it didn't really seem to lather all that much, which is pretty typical with any shampoo on my hair, I always have to wash twice. So I rubbed that is as much as possible, Rinsed and repeated. The second time I used about the same amount and it lathered up AMAZING!! Best lather I've experienced in a LONG while! The products have kind of a pina colada type sent to them, kind of coconutty, which I actually really liked. Sitting here my hair still smells like coconut! My hair didn't really feel any different after the shampoo than anything else. Still felt dry, still felt coarse, still was really tangled.

After the shampoo, I put about a rounded quarter size amount of the Advanced Cell Therapy Hair Treatment as recommended. I rubbed this into my scalp as much as possible and felt like I didn't have enough. I grabbed another rounded quarter size amount and flipped my hair over and rubbed in into the base of my scalp. The directions recommend combing this through your hair with a wide tooth comb. This part I was dreading, because my hair takes a million years to comb out, and with all the rubbing around I just did I knew it was going to be a disaster. But, I followed orders. 

Surprisingly, while my hair wasn't miraculously de-tangled, it combed through a lot easier than I anticipated. I really felt like once I combed the hair therapy through my hair, it gave it a good protected coat and combed easily. Also, I didn't lose as much hair as I normally do while combing my hair out after a shower. I still lost a bunch, don't get me wrong, but not as much. A little of the product combed out of my hair, which some might think is because I used to much, which I may cut back just a tad next time, but I felt that at least the product was THOROUGHLY combed through my hair.

Now the instructions that come with the product say that for the first 2-3 months you should leave the hair treatment in your hair for 1-2 hours or overnight. I went for the 2.5 hour option. Hopped out of the shower, combed product through hair, put it up in a bun and watched a few episodes of my favorite show.

After my 2.5 hours was up, I hoped back in the shower and HOLY COW!! My hair felt so soft and smooth and AMAZING!! After the water ran over it for awhile and all the product got washed out, it got A LITTLE less smooth feeling, but wow! Immediate difference! I then used about a quarter sized amount of the conditioner, again felt it wasn't enough and applied a second quarter sized amount, and let it sit on my hair for about 5 minutes while I washed the rest of me. 

Rinsed out the conditioner and again WOW!! It felt amazing! And even after standing under the water for awhile to make sure it was "thoroughly rinsed" as the directions say, that smooth feeling didn't go away!!

I got out of the shower, applied about a quarter sized amount of the Biotera leave in conditioner treatment and... heres the amazing part, MY HAIR COMBED THROUGH WITH NO TANGLES!! NOT ONE!!! And I would say I only lost about 10-15 strand of hair. Which NOTHING for me! NOTHING! I'm so impressed!

After sitting and letting my hair air dry, not quite half way (as this is when my hair is the frizziest and most gross looking) my hair still feels so smooth, smells great and while still frizzy, there is definite improvement! My hair looks lighter in color, it doesn't fell heavy or flat and it feels like it has more shin and more life in it! Crazy! I've never said that about my hair before!

I decided after it was a little over halfway dry to blow dry it and straighten it. Here the products I use for this step:
I use BigSexyHair Blow Dry Volumizing Gel, because I feel like my hair is SUPER flat and this gives it a little lift. I only use a SMALL squirt of this as a little seems to go a LONG way. I also use CHI 44 Iron Guard as a heat protectant. I don't actually know if this product (or any heat protectant product) does anything, but better safe than sorry?? Its not that expensive and it seems to last FOREVER, so I don't mind throwing it in the mix.

After blow drying, didn't notice a HUGE difference, but there are some differences. My hair still looks lighter and healthier. It seems to have more volume. The ends are still SUPER frizzy which I'm going to chalk up to my non-hair cut (see asterisks below), but it just FEELS better. Hmmmmm 

After straitening, wow. Is this even my hair? Excluding the ends (get a hair cut! haha) My hair feels smooth, looks shiny (Like HEALTHY shiny), fly aways are almost gone (which is nothing short of a miracle, as my hair is like the fly away queen!!) My fingers run through it without constantly getting stuck on tangles and pulling out hair. Great!!!  

I hope I continue to see this great of results! I have my doubts, but we'll see!! I'm one happy girl today!

Well, I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised! I didn't expect this much of a difference after just one use! ******THE ONLY OTHER THING I would recommend doing before starting this system is getting a hair cut. I have one scheduled for tomorrow, but I was to excited to try the system to wait. My ends definitely still look like crap and feel like crap (although at least a little better), so I wish I would have maybe waited so I could have seen a complete transformation. 

I really hope this information is helpful! I hope to blog about the system at least once a week or so for the first month and then once a month, or as a notice any HUGE changes after that!


  1. How do you feel about the product now - 9 months later?

    1. I have used the product to the letter, and my hair is now stringy, coarse and feels like straw...what a waste! Bought it in Jan 2014, now it's March 2014, and my hair is no better. I'm really disapointed, I did everything they said to do and even contacted the company and did what they said. No better! I heard it advertised on the radio which is why I got it. Doesn't work for every hair type!

  2. yes, I do would like to know how you like the product, especially the cell therapy. Did you grow hair back around your scalp or upper brow area?

  3. I too would like to see an update from you. Were you pleased or did you discontinue using it?

  4. Has your hair gotten longer since you've used the product?

  5. I am about to purchase the product. How is it going now?

  6. response to anyone's questions after blogging this item for review??

  7. That was a pretty dang long review too...

  8. Great looking review but no updates or response to questions? This has "fake" smell all over it


  10. Hey Guys, I didn't write this blog intending to keep updating it, but I did write a few other posts in this blog about it. however since you asked, I didn't notice any difference with the product other than my hair feeling smoother in the shower and slightly less frizzy immediately after use, but not long term. no hair regrowth, no length improvement. I spoke with several dermatologists who specialize in hair loss about the product and they said that there is no evidence that this product does what it claims. After two purchases I discontinued the use of the product. I would not waste the money on it. -Nikita (its been so long since I wrote this I can't remember my account info to sign in... whoops. Believe me or not. Hope this was helpful)